Indentation outside of Headings

text outside of headings doesn’t indent when in reading mode, but indentations under headings do? Can someone explain why it’s so picky?


In standard Markdown, single line breaks are treated as single spaces (same as in HTML), and tabs and multiple spaces in the middle of text are also treated as single spaces (same as HTML).

Obsidian by default treats single line breaks as line breaks (rendered as the <br> tag in HTML) that don’t end paragraphs because that’s less confusing to most people (there’s an option to enable the standard behavior). So in your example the indented lines below a plain line are considered as continuations of the paragraph, and I guess the indentation is collapsed with the newlines the way they would be collapsed into spaces if the “strict line breaks” option were on. Obsidian treats tabs and multiple spaces the middle of text in the standard way, as single spaces.

You can’t have a multi-line heading, so the text under the heading is considered a code block (in standard Markdown, indentation of 4 spaces or 1 tab marks text as a code block).

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It doesn’t have anything to do with headings.

If you start with a tab, the paragraph is interpreted as a code block - but the codeblock has to start with the first line of the paragraph. In your first example, there is a normal text line before. If you would leave an empty line after “this line is NOT intented”, you would have a code block as well.

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