Indent/Tab inside of callouts - Maintain indent level in callouts

Use case or problem

I am trying to use a callout box to quote a poem. In this particular instance, I want some lines of the text in the callout to be indented (it improves the readability of this poem). However if I tab those lines in the Editor view, when I see the callout in preview all of my indents are removed and all the lines are flushed with the left.

I’ve also run into this problem when I tried to include a bulleted list of items that had sub-bullets within a callout. When returning to preview I learned this was not possible because Obsidian reverted all of the items to an equal indent level.

Proposed solution

If a user includes an indent level or whitespace within a callout box, keep the spacing the user provided.

Current workaround (optional)

None that I can find. I tried using spaces instead of tabs, but all white space is trimmed.


Workaorund: to preserve spacing, you probably want to a codeblock. So in your case, you’d want a codeblock within a callout box