Indent bullet after blockquote

I’m trying to setup bullet points after a blockquote to be indented:


But whenever I have a bullet after the blockquote, it’s appearing as a non-bullet (2.1.1 and 2.1.2):

If I follow markdown rules and put a space before and after the blockquote, it makes no difference:


Results in:

I’m not sure what symanticaly you’re trying to do, but that is not valid markdown — you can’t indent a list below a quote because the list isn’t part of the quote.

If you want the list item to be a quote followed by a list it should be:

- List item

    > quote

    - Item 1
    - Item 2

If you want the list items to be part of the quote then it should be:

- List item

    > quote
    > - item 1
    > - item 2

OK. Great. I assumed that because the quote was indented, that subsequent list items could be indented a well.

I can live with this:


Which results in:

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