'Incremental note-taking' and time as first-class citizen

Interesting article about using the time a note was taken as the most important context. References Notion and Roam and mentions Obsidian. Incremental note-taking | thesephist.com

I’ve been using daily notes more and more, and love that it can provide me with a quick entry point to capture as well as a history of my thoughts. Do wish it was easier to scroll/navigate back through time, like in Roam. Any plugins that help with this?

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the Calendar plugin may help



Not sure if you’re aware of it, but someone already implemented incremental writing in Obsidian (also not sure if you mean to separate incremental note-taking from incremental writing, I know incremental writing was implemented and spearheaded by SuperMemo).

I think different people mean different ting with incremental note taking. All concepts are pretty simple.