Incredibly sluggish performance on Windows 10

Things I have tried

I recently upgraded to version 1.0.0 of the app on a Windows 10 Pro computer and have been happy until today. Now the app is unbearably sluggish. Launching the app and getting to a point where I can actually click on a note and read it takes nearly 5 minutes!

Once I get to that point I can click on a couple of notes and things seem OK. Then I tried to delete a note. The dialog window came up quickly but when I clicked ‘delete’ I was in for another 2 minute wait until the UI became usable again.

I have tried restarting the app. I have tried rebooting my computer. BTW, my computer has 48GB of RAM installed. The only other apps I’m trying to run at the moment are MS Teams, Outlook, and MS Edge.

What the heck is going on? What can I do to make the app usable again?

What I’m trying to do

Base steps:

  1. Check your Theme for updates: Settings > Appearance > Themes
  2. Check your plugins for updates: Settings > Community Plugins > Check for updates
  3. If you’re using custom snippets, consider disabling them.
  4. Restart Obsidian

If it’s still broken:

  1. Try going back to the default theme to check if it’s an issue with the theme
  2. Enter restricted mode and restart Obsidian to check if it’s an issue with the theme.

Two major changes are:

  • Instead of using Ctrl+Click (Cmd+click on macOS) to open links, you must now use Ctrl+Alt+Click (Cmd+Opt+Click on macOS)
  • The hotkey to toggle task completion has changed: you can reset it in Settings → Hotkeys (search for “Toggle Checkbox Status”)

Thank you for the suggestions.

My install is vanilla. I’m using the Default theme. Haven’t even tried any other themes.

I have not enabled Community Plugins.

I do not know what custom snippets and thus have not installed/created any.

The good news, though, is that today the app seems to be launching and running just fine. No noticeable sluggishness at all. So either whatever condition caused the sluggishness no longer exists or it’s an intermittent thing.

I suppose you can close this topic.


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