Increasing visual hierarchy, colorfulness, illustrativeness in Canvas

Use case or problem

I am looking to document process flows and mindmap projects. The tool I’ve found that creates the best looking documents is Sketchwow, but it’s difficult to use for complex documents and doesn’t do notes well.

Canvas is the first thing I’ve tried that’s got the right structure (I can arrange multiple notes visually, link them together, etc.) but there’s very little in Canvas for expressing visual hierarchy (nearly all Canvas documents look more similar than different, and all Canvas elements look more similar than different), colorfulness (colors are muted), and illustrativeness (very limited shapes palette)

Proposed solution

The following would be fantastic:

  • more visual contrast/less muting of card background colors available
  • more draw tools like in Sketchwow

Good ideas here! There are some existing requests worth checking out. Here are some links:

There are surely others. It’s definitely worth doing a few searches. I’m always surprised by how many good ideas I stumble upon when doing a quick check of what has already been posted.


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Maybe you are interested in mermaid diagrams?
There is even a plugin to work with mermaid

Anyway, css rules are able to style the canvas appearance, i explored these rules, but not in depth