Incorrect PDF Colors on Desktop

Highlight colors (produced on ios via a highlighting app) do not display correctly when viewed in the native desktop Obsidian PDF viewer.

See attached image which shows the same document side by side in 2 viewers. Obsidian native PDF viewer in on the left. The right image is viewed in MacOS preview which is has correct colors. (Zotero native PDF viewer also correct)

iOS Obsidian renders the correct PDF colors. This issue is desktop specific.

On the first page most colors were highlighted using a MACOS app - no issues. towards the end of the first page and on the second page, colors were highlighted on iOS and the differences become very clear

Steps to reproduce

  • highlight a PDF on iOS (warm colours like orange and red seem to bug the most I used “highlights” app)
  • dump the pdf into obsidian
  • sync to desktop
  • open the pdf in Obsidian desktop

Expected result

Colors display correctly per other PDF apps and as per obsidian iOS PDF viewer

Actual result

orange becomes green
green becomes purple
purple becomes brown…


This is on Mac OS BigSur

Are the colors “wrong” when you open the pdf in chrome too?

yes! i just checked this - same issue there too. do they have something in common?

This beyond our purview. I don’t even know if there is a standard for pdf color highlighting.

If you use adobe acrobat reader and the color are the same as on OSX, open a bug report to chrome.
If the colors are the same as chrome, open a bug report to apple.

the built in pdf viewer will change in v1.3. this bug is deprecated.

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