Incorrect Folder names using Gnome's Online Accounts Sync

Files/ Folders synced with Gnome’s Online Accounts tools appear correct in Operating systems’s Files app, but in correct in Obsidian.

Folders appear as google drive ID and files missing.

Steps to reproduce

Open Gnome ‘online account’ manager
Add google account
enable document and files sync
Open Obsidian
Choose to open an existing vault
Navigate to and select mapped Google drive (‘other locations’ > ‘’"
Select root folder of existing obsidian vault
Keep safe mode on
Expected result
File and folder names appear as per google drive and mapped drive

Actual result

Within the obsidian file explorer, the Folder structure is loaded, each named after their Google drive ID, not their display name
No files visible.
Hover over a folder, and see correct values for n and m " n files, m folders"


Syncing the same folder via ‘insync’ tool, works as expected
Similar to this, but Gnome/Manjaro not Cinamon/Mint:

The problem is google drive. On linux, google drive doesn’t actually save the files. It only looks like it. Nothingn we ca do about it.