Incorrect Date Parsing in Unique Note Prefix Format

Bug Report: Incorrect Date Parsing in Unique Note Prefix Format

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set the note prefix format to “:thought_balloon: (YY.MM.DD)”.
  2. Use a hotkey (in this context, cmd+U) to create a unique note. The current date is March 15, 2024.

Troubleshooting Attempted

Expected Behavior

  • The note’s date prefix should be “24.03.15”, aligning with the specified format “:thought_balloon: (YY.MM.DD)”.
  • Alternatively, if this is due to some overly rigid uniqueness rules (in my case, I’m 100% sure there are no other notes with the same name) that increment the day, it should be clearly explained and stated, as the current behavior is confusing.

Actual Behavior

  • The generated note’s date prefix is “24.03.23”, which does not match the expected date format.

Environment Details

  • Obsidian Version: v1.5.10
  • Installer Version: v1.4.13
  • Operating System: Darwin Kernel Version 23.2.0 (macOS)
  • Login Status: Logged in
  • Catalyst License: VIP
  • Insider Build: Enabled
  • Live Preview: Enabled
  • Base Theme: Light
  • Community Theme: None
  • Snippets Enabled: 0
  • Restricted Mode: Off
  • Plugins Installed: 5
  • Plugins Enabled: 5
    1. Readwise Official v2.0.1
    2. Calendar v1.5.10
    3. Dataview v0.5.64
    4. Find orphaned files and broken links v1.9.1
    5. Better Word Count v0.10.1


  • For issues related to community plugins, ensure all plugins are updated to their latest versions. If the issue persists, try replicating it in the Sandbox Vault or disabling community plugins.

Additional Information

  • Any further details that might aid the investigation (e.g., screenshots, log files) are welcomed. Screenshots can be directly uploaded here. For extensive text data, consider using services like Pastebin.

Read this:

I have the exact same issue as the original poster. The prefix date is correct in the preview from the settings but wrong in the filename

Do you have a note in your vault with the same prefix?

Prefix time stamp is forced to be unique vault-wise.

Nope, I don’t have any note with the same prefix in my Vault

Ok, please, post a screen recording of what is happening

Hi, same problem as the OP.

My notes are in the format YYMMDDHHMM. It’s 05/09/24, 12:50 Central Time. I create a note and the prefix is 2405091805. When I make another note the same minute, the new note’s prefix is 2405091905. The one following that is 2405092005. This is creating a problem for my record-keeping.

I don’t see why a screen recording should be necessary; the OP already made very clear what the problem is and how to reproduce it.

Using v1.5.12 on Linux Mint 21.1.

YYMMDDHHMM - think about this? MM?