Inconsistent scroll on search click

Inconsistnt scroll on search click.

Steps to reproduce

  • Search for a full search term.
  • Click on one of the result.

Expected result

  • Obsidian opens the selected note containing the result.
  • Obsidian scrolls to the relevant part of the text containing the search term.

This behaviour works when clicking on backlinks or outline for example

EDIT: after checking it doesn’t work with backlinks either

Actual result

Obsidian doesn’t scroll to the relevant text containing the search term if in PREVIEW mode.
It does scroll successfully while in EDITOR mode though.


  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: v0.8.12

Are you sure it works for the backlinks pane?

indeed i tested a backlink and it doesn’t work in previw mode either.


create a backlink with reference


cliking on that link brings you to the backlinked note
if in edit mode: scrolls to the reference
if in preview mode: stays at the top of the note

So it’s not a bug. We just don’t support this yet. I think there should be a feature request

Here is the request: Scroll to matched text on Clik on search result also in Preview mode