Inconsistent behaviour for implicit links

Steps to reproduce

Create a note with the following content (without the triple backticks):

- Preventing linking.
  - Words with a period inside them are interpreted to be a link like
  - but you can prevent this by embedded them in html like <span></span>.
  - Except this seems buggy in that if a list item has an implicit link like , then the trick no longer works <span></span> even with the html tags.

Expected result

I expect all instances of not surrounded in <span> tags to be implicitly converted to links, but all instances of <span></span> to not be converted into links.

Actual result

This works for the first two list items, but in the term list item, it seems that if the list item contains an implicit link in it, then the <span> trick for preventing interpreting a word with a period in it as a link, no longer works.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.7.3

Additional information

Possibly related to:

Tested in 0.7.4, issue still occurs here.

This has been fixed.