Include two “Make a copy” options: one to open the duplicate file in a new tab and one to open it in the current tab

The right-click “Make a copy of the current file” command in the File Explorer opens the copy in the current tab, but the “Make a copy of the current file” command in the Command Palette opens it in a new tab.

I’d like both options available in both places, especially in the Command Palette, so I don’t have to take my hands off the keyboard if I want the duplicate file to open in the current tab.

Note that if you hold the Ctrl key while selecting the “Make a copy of the current file”, the copy will be opened in a new tab instead of in the current.

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Thanks, that’s a great tip, but I’d really like both options available in the Command Palette

What I meant was that you can hit Ctrl while selecting the command from the palette to have the new file in a new tab. So yes, you have the option from within the Command Palette.

The palette command makes the new copy in a new tab even when I don’t hit the control key. I use a Mac, and hitting the command key (the usual macOS equivalent to control on Linux or Windows) takes me to the window for setting up a hotkey for it.

My apologies, I indeed did not see this correctly. Indeed, also for me the command always opens the copy in a new tab.

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