Include the github repo link in the plugin settings page

Use case or problem

When you are looking at the options page of a plugin, such as this:

often questions come up that require going to the repo page for that plugin. However, that means to the community plugins, then typing the name of the plugin then finding the plugin, then clicking the link. If there are several changes to be made, this is cumbersome.

Proposed solution

Automatically include the url to the link somewhere in the options page. The name of the plugin is on that page, and the repo information is in the community plugins page, so I imagine it might be possible to include repo in both places. For example, the name of the repo could actually be a link to the repo. Handy dandy.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)


Alternately, include a link to the community plugins page.


I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean a link like Plugins - Obsidian? on my system that sends me to my browser, and then back to obsidian, but that seems rather indirect. I prefer a direct link to the repo, if possible, as I am often going to see if there are issues, or to check details of the implementation.

I mean a link directly to the in-app page you ended up on — the app can do that without going thru the web. It would be more consistent with the existing behavior in the list of installed plugins in Settings > Community Plugins, and would save a little time for those who just want to check the README docs.

And in the plugin’s settings a “Report a problem” link pointing to the GitHub issues page.

I see. Yes, that is kind of what I want, except I find that sometimes Obsidian doesn’t render these in app pages perfectly (not certain why, but I would imagine it is the plugin author’s error, not obisidian’s) and it would be nice to be able to have the actual external link, as well tha tI could cmd-click to open in my browser.

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The in-app pages already contain a link to the GitHub repo, up in the top area.

I may not be understanding you. I admit I do not precisely understand what you mean by in-app page. I am not very good (yet) about using correct terminology for Obsidian, so the fault is mine, so bear with me.

What I want is a command-clickable link to the repo that is available in:

  1. at least the plugin’s setting page, as show in the image in the OP, (suggested route: replacing the text “Add links to current note”, which is the name of the plugin, but separately okay too).

  2. also, now that I think of it, in the community plugins sub-page of the obsidian settings page

Most importantly WHY?

One thing is that whichever location, I want a link that I can (sometimes) use to take me to my browser (not obsidian’s version of the page, which is what I am taking you to mean by in-app page) because (in addition to rendering problems mentioned above), I often need/want to sign in to GitHub at that stage, and it is more convenient to do that from my browser.

In general I have two use cases for plugin settings:

Sometimes I want to go to a particular plugin, and I know which plugin it is, so I go down the list at the left of the Obs setting page, and that takes me to the plugin’s setting page. Great. But, then I find out I need information from the repo, so I want a link there.

Sometimes I don’t actually know which plugin it is, or what it is called, so I go to the Obs community plugins subpage and do a search for the plugin. Then I can go to the options, but sometimes I know that I want to directly go to the repo, but to do so, I have to open the plugin’s info page (probably not the right term. The one that currently has the repo link in it) to get the link. Having the link there would save me a step.

Furthermore, if I have the core Search plugin, this is more convenient than using the community plugins page to search. However, it only sends me to the plugin settings page, not the plugin info page (which I would like but is off-topic) which has the repo link. So having it in the settings page would be nice since I could get there from the settings page. (However, it would be even nicer if the settings plugin could send me to the plugin info page as well as the plugin settings page.)

One other common occurrence is that plugins are updated. In that case, I want to be able to see what the changes were, which is often not stated in the plugin info page. This again would be aided by having the links in the right place. This is discussed in a separate topic.

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Use case or problem

I often find myself looking at plugin documentation and I either have to google the GitHub repo, or search in the plugin store for it.

Proposed solution

There are buttons for each plugin under Community Plugins. A button with a document icon should be added that takes the user to the plugin documentation in the plugin store, or to the GH repo if the plugin isn’t in the store.
Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 2.34.16 AM

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In Settings > Community Plugins you can click the plugin’s name to go to its store page. Unfortunately you can’t do the same from the plugin’s settings page.

Or if you’re in the store, there’s a “Show only installed” toggle that may help a little.

Pretty self-explanatory, why is this what the plugins settings page looks like? Why wouldn’t you put the plugin info there Instead of in another settings menu (which also doesn’t let you go back and forth)?

Wreaks absolute havoc on my ADHD brain. I never learn how to use these plugins because I get distracted somewhere along the way.

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The per-plugin settings pages are designed by the individual plugin developers. I too wish more of them had documentation links! Obsidian could encourage that by changing the sample plugin to include such a link in its SettingsTab and then asking some existing popular plugins to do the same.

PS: for quickadd in particular there is more documentation in multiple pages on the GitHub repo so I end up needing a browser with multiple tabs open anyway…

Yeah, this is not a dig at QuickAdd by any means. I’ve rarely, if ever, seen a plugin do this - which is why I think the problem is the design side of Obsidian rather than the plugin developers.

Considering the plugins are so essential to making Obsidian competitive with other tools, they should really do a better job of this.

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The per-plugin settings pages are designed by the individual plugin developers.

Hmm, makes me wonder. The “page” may be designed by the individual developer, but the page sits inside the app itself. The app controls how the page is displayed, and I imagine there might be a way to include this inside whatever wrapper the setting page is in. (something like body > div.modal-container.mod-dim > div.modal.mod-settings.mod-sidebar-layout > div.modal-content.vertical-tabs-container). I could be wrong, but all these different pages seem to contained within the same type of wrapper…Nonetheless, the suggestion of adding it to the template, at the least, is also a good idea.

Related request which I didn’t know existed when I described it upthread: