Include separate dataview code block in multiple notes

Is it possible to re-use (include) a dataview code block in multiple notes?

I would like to create the dataview code block once, and include that in multiple notes, instead of copying the code block to each note. This would provide one location to maintain the dataview code block, instead of many different notes.

My use case: for each organisation i deal with i have a Organisation note (which serves as a MOC). I would like to list the projects (which are notes on themselves) that are related to that organisation. So in each Organisation note i include a dataview that lists the notes that are tagged as projects. Currently i copy the code block in each Organisation note. Instead i would like to refer to the dataview code block to include, so i can update it in one place.

Will an embedded note work?

No unfortunately it doesn’t. I guess the query is not executed as an embedded note.
The only i can find so far is the CustomJS. But it looks like it only executes Javascript and not the regular dataview queries.

I just saw this post and I was helped to do this in my own notes. I hope this helps