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Use case or problem

Data protection, paid content, and reporting plugins.

If there is a plugin that has an issue, you should be able to file a report via obsidian.

I have a problem with the plugin AVA. AVA says nothing about registering or paying for extra features on the plugin page inside Obsidian. But I find out after going to their website to “register”.

At the registration, you see it is a paid app. To clarify, I have nothing against paying for software. The problem I have is with “trust”, especially those that think “bait and switch” is completely ethical. It might be beneficial for obsidian to ensure it is not vaporware to take some of this revenue.

So this leads me privacy. AVA has very little explanation about how data about your vault is parsed with them for; “asking questions about your vault”. It says “We feed ChatGPT the context of your question searched through your vault and ask it to answer”, however ChatGPT says not to put personal data through them.

What also leads me to take pause is that in comparison to the other expanded explanations, it is very very very small, and has no “lawful” clear explanation of where your data is stored, processed etc.

Proposed solution

  • You should be able to report a plugin.
  • AVA should have a data and privacy statement clarifying how your personal data is processed.
  • Obsidian should explore a model of charging developers making money on the platform. Even if this money is given to fund other plugins, website costs, etc…

Current workaround (optional)

I am leaving this report on the forum. And hopefully a privacy data statement can follow.

Related feature requests (optional)

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Hi, I don’t think the developer of AVA had bad intentions. It’s probably a mix wanting to “move fast and break things” and marketing.

Anyway, I do agree with you that we should do better job in this regard and request all listed plugin to clearly state some basic info (like if a payment is needed or if data is transmitter outside) in their README.

Users can report a plugin here and on discord

Not sure we wanna go there but feel free to open a thread in META
section about this.

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I am not sure why this has been moved to help. It is far from help. Can you move it back to the feature request?

It is pretty basic to have a report button.

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