Include path in image markdown

Currently when I paste an image from the clipboard it is placed inside my images folder right off the root. And it’s displayed fine.

But when I look at the Markdown then the path to the image is missing, it just says ![](Pasted image 1.png)

When I move the file to some other folder the image link is changed. The image folder name is prepended: ![](images/Pasted image 1.png) The image still is displayed fine.

What bothers me, though, is that I cannot open the file with a regular Markdown editor and see the image displayed. The path is missing or wrong. The Markdown editor does not not anything about some global Obsidian image (or attachment) folder.

I like to see as many Markdown features working seamlessly in other Markdown editors. Sure, some magic will be Obsidian’s job :smiley: But that to me lies more in how it interprets Markdown, not in how it stores data. The anatomy of the Obsidian “database” should be as close to regular Markdown files and folders a possible, I think.


I have an even more weird situation that it displays the image correctly in preview, but once in presentation mode, I don’t see it anymore???

Even I have the same problem. Since Obsidian doesnt have a export feature, I have to rely on other apps to do the export and they often canot read the image in this form.

I think a plugin or a switch (between standard markdown image link or Obsidian link) to inform Obsidian on how the user wants the image to be attached can be a solution.

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Discovered it is already reported as a #bug here: Image don't show in presentation mode

I have the same problem with you. When I use a complete path to embed a picture, it cannot display in preview, but exporting tools, like pandoc, only read this format of embedding pictures, the syntax “![[]]” cannot be recognized by pandoc or Typora…

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I also had the same issue. I believe is a matter of having spaces in the name of the picture:
For me this doesn’t work ![](Pasted image 20200926095227.png) but this works ![](Pasted_image_20200926095227.png)

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I tried this, and I do not have any spaces in the file name, so my files are simply YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.png.

Is there something else we are missing for this work? Must the attachment be in the same path as the MD file? That is not a standard workflow for Obsidian. These are typically in an “Attachment” folder.