Include-operator to show certain notes despite being filtered out by another filter

Use case

If I have MOC-Index which is linked to a dozen MOCs, there’s no obvious way to search (in my case in Local Graph) for all notes AND MOC-Index, but none of the other MOCs. I’d like to have depth=5.
If I define a filter -tags:#moc it will filter out the note’s own MOC. No good.
If I define a filter file:MOC-Index or any variation it will perform a perfect match and will show no notes at all.

Proposed solution

The perfect solution would be to have an “include” operator that overrules any exclusion filters you might have. This example search query would display all notes on the Local Graph except those with tag:moc, but it will include the file MOC-Index, which by association means that the notes own MOC be shown.
-tag:#moc +file:MOC-Index

If anyone has a workaround until such an operator is considered, please let me know.

@kjentech I do not use MOC pages and Graph views so perhaps I do not understand correctly. But could not this be solved by logical AND,NOT,OR operators?

Something like:
("" -tag:#moc) OR ("" file:MOC-Index)
Empty string in paired double-quotes matches any file just like in search-bar in Windows File Explorer. Replace it by your search string where appropriate.

I intend to use “+” sign for adding filter/search terms/conditions that do not clutter matched results: Global search: Non-capturing match = Filter by textual context