Include EN-GB spellcheck locale on top of EN-US

As the title suggests, would like an option to choose between US and UK English for spellcheck. :slight_smile:


+1 to this

EN-CA would be swell also!

+1 from me.

Definitely want this, I’m surprised a basic function like this was missed with Obsidian’s launch?


At least there is a built-in Dictionary so I can manually add UK spellings. But that method won’t correct (mis)spelled US spellings :frowning:

I use an external dictionary which runs in all programs. Always turn off internal spellchecking. It’s by far the easiest system to maintain.

The name of your external dictionary programme?

I’ve used a few over time. WordWeb is fine (free and Pro versions). Mostly using the dictionary built in to PhraseExpress now - avoids extra overhead since I’m using it as text expander anyway. The key is always being able to carry your personalisation from one to another.
The AED is a pumped up version of WordWeb, but US English only iirc.