Include backlink context in Obsidian Publish

Use case or problem

Right now, Obsidian Publish shows backlinks, but there is no context. The same is true for the search.

Proposed solution

Show at least some context for the backlinks, similar to the backlinks plugin in the Obsidian app; ideally, you could also expand any bit of context for a bit more info before having to click over.

The concept of fully transcluded backlinks is maybe relevant. This post refers to “interactive components.” In the context of Publish, where the reader obviously can’t edit, full transclusion as such might not be what I’m talking about, but adding some interactivity to expand or explore the backlink’s context, is certainly relevant. (This last bit is less relevant for search, I guess.)


+1 quality of life

Thank you!!! After getting the hang of obsidian publish, I’ve been scratching my head wondering how is this not a thing. It’s almost a sin.