In version 1.5.3, when editing a table on xubuntu 22.04, the cursor does not appear when I click on a cell, and I cannot enter the content

I saw that 1.5.3 came out and added the table editing function, I couldn’t wait to try it, and found that when editing the table on xubuntu 22.04, the cursor does not appear when I click on the cell with the mouse, I can’t enter the content of the table, and I can only edit it by moving the cursor to the table through the arrow keys outside the table.
The same version 1.5.3 is normal to try on Windows 10, and the cursor can appear when I click on the mouse.
Finally, I don’t have any plugins installed, and the theme is also the default, have you encountered the same problem as me?

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There are three modes for Obsidian: source mode, live preview and reading mode. The table editor only works in live preview.

In the lower right of your window there is a button/icon which most likely shows a book or a pencil. Click on that icon and select live preview. If your table still aren’t editable something strange is happening.

Thanks for your reply, the difference between these 3 modes is obvious, I confirm that it is in live preview mode。
Is there anyone who uses xubuntu22.04 like me?

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Yup, I’m having the exact same issue on Linux. Appears to be affecting all Debian based distros at this point. Very annoying to have to constantly switch to source view when editing tables. The issue does not appear to be present in MacOS and Windows executables though.


It‘s fixed in 1.5.8. :smiley:

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