In-note PDF viewer - configurable size

It is a great feature to view the contents of a PDF file by simply dragging it into the note.
However, the viewer window is pretty dominant by default, so the remaining content the note itself is moved out of view.
In addition, it occupies the entire size of the note content view, so when trying to scroll through the note I often end up scrolling through the included PDF document. To prevent this, I carefully have to place the cursors in the small space to the left or to the right of the PDF window. Bad usability.

I am suggesting a configuration option that allows to define the width and height of the window (in px or percent of the note window width/heigt) and the margin to the left and right borders (to have the continuous scroll areas somewhat wider).

I think it would be best to have this on a system scale (e. g. as plugin option) so users can adjust it their way.

One option is putting the PDF in a foldable callout. e.g.

> [!example]- New air conditioner (PDF)
> ![[三菱AC.pdf]]

Another is using a CSS snippet to adjust the size of the PDF viewer when embedded.

.pdf-embed, .markdown-source-view .pdf-embed, 
.markdown-source-view.mod-cm6 .cm-content > .pdf-embed, .internal-embed.pdf-embed:not(.image-embed) {
    width: 500px; 
    /* height: 400px !important; */

If you choose the use the height as well, the !important is necessary here.