In MacOS, quick launch Obsidian in the same screen when other application is in full screen

I would like to quickly launch Obsidian as a popup when another application is on full screens, such as Alfred and Numi.

In Alfred, we can disable the hotkeys for Spotlight and use Command + Space to launch Alfred. In Numi, we can map the hotkey to Option + Space to launch Numi. Both can be launched wherever, even if another application is in full screen.

Since I’m used to having my focused application, Chrome usually, to be full screen while I’m reading, my current workflow is that I have to switch between desktops frequently to take notes, which is quite inconvenient.

And therefore, I would like to see if Obsidian has this option to quickly launch as some kind of popup windows, using hotkeys such as Control + Space to let me type a few lines of note and press again to close it, just like how I use Numi with Option + Space

Thanks for everyone’s time and help in advance!

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Have you tried any Alfred plugins or workflows ?

I don’t use Alfred but a quick search turned up a bunch of hits. I use Raycast now and it has a great Obsidian extension.

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I’m using Raycast as well, and did a research on the web but found no luck in making it work. Does Obisidian native support this or we must use external software to make it work?

Maybe I don’t understand clearly what you are trying or want to do.

With the Raycast extension you trigger Raycast, preform actions on your Obsidian vault from within Raycast, and then go back to whatever other app you were working in.

I want to open Obisidian with a hotkey like how I open Raycast with Command+Space, type on Obisidan then press the hotkey again to close it.

I understand that Raycast has an extension to support it, but it only offers typing on Raycast windows and later writing into Obisidian, I would like to open Obisidian itself to type on instead of using the extension.

Got it.

You could use Automator or Shortcuts to do something like that.

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