In LaTeX, $\bar \Gamma$ The bar is hard to see

Steps to reproduce

Open the editor and type $\bar \Gamma$

Expected result


Actual result

With normal zoom: image

With huge zoom (at least 4 zoom-ins): image


  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Obsidian version: v0.6.7

I can’t replicate on using inline latex.
I do see the issue with block latex $$\bar \Gamma$$.
I am not sure if this is our problem or a MathJax internal problem.

I don’t know… In Typora $\bar \Gamma$ renders properly at all zoom levels. And I think that they use MathJax too.

Do you have this problem in block mode or inline mode?
Because I don’t have it in inline mode.
Are you using a CSS theme?

In both:


I am not using any CSS. Only the default theme.

what is your screen resolution?

1366 x 768

Ok, that might explain why this is so noticeable for you.

@Silver, Not sure how this is implemented.
We may need to increase the vertical space allocated to latex formulae or decrease their base font size so there is vertical space left for overscripts/underscripts.

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This is a mathjax/chtml upstream problem

I have the same issue, although my resolution is much higher (2560x1440). My workaround has been to use $\overline{\Gamma}$ instead.