In iOS, can't use keyboard cursor control to get to end of line if link is last

Steps to reproduce

In iOS, make a document with some text on various lines. Put a double bracket link at the end of one line and then place the cursor on another. With the keyboard touch-cursor control (press-hold the space bar on iPhone, use two fingers over the on-screen keyboard on iPad) try to place the cursor at the end of the line with link – it will drop the cursor in front of the brackets every time. This behavior does not happen when using a hardware point device such as trackpad or mouse.

Expected result

Actual result

Cursor inside link.


  • Operating system: iOS 14
  • Obsidian version: 0.1.1

Additional information

this is not the right section. read the pinned message again.

I read the pinned message and I don’t see why this doesn’t belong in the but category. Please advise.

Is this the mobile category?

Putting it in mobile wasn’t an option from the pull downs and the create a topic button is grayed out in the mobile forum. You could have moved it and informed me what to do next time instead of being punitive and snarky. Just trying to help the app and community. I’ll submit directly to the developer through TestFlight from now on.

Perhaps you need to get the badge in the forum?

Ok I will move to mobile. Please, don’t use testflight as we don’t monitor that.

Thank you.

I am unable to repro this. Can you send a screenshot of what you mean by “Put a double bracket link at the end of one line”?