In graph view node's names appear all black or white without showing text

for some reason the names of my nodes show all black and unreadable, don’t know what to do or what could have caused it. Send help pls.
I’m on ubuntu on linux

i’m trying to see something ;-,

Things I have tried

i tried to check for updates but to no avail


I have the same problem on arch linux. I also tried to go back to previous versions of my graphic drivers or mess around with themes (also going back to default) but the problem persists


I have this same issue! Ubuntu 22.0 with an RTX 4090, Driver Version: 535.161.07 CUDA Version: 12.2


Arch Linux user here with the same issue. Did you find any fix? I’m using i3wm with intel graphics.


I’ve found the solution: just remove the GPU cache:

Close obsidian.

From terminal: rm -rf ~/.config/obsidian/GPUCache/

Open obsidian.


Thanks a lot. Worked for me too

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Worked for me as well, thank you!

thank you so much, it worked but how did you find the solution ??

Thanks a million! This answer should be marked as Solution.

you are damn right

Manjaro+KDE(wayland). using a radeon 780m gpu. (ryzen 8700g’s IGPU)
the fix @alepez suggested also worked here. Thanks.