In file pane, shift-click to multi-select notes then right-click to move only moves one note

Steps to reproduce

  1. select a few adjacent notes in the file browser with shift-click.
  2. right-click on any of the files, choose move, pick another folder
  3. notice that the other files in the selection are still there and still highlighted. only the file from the selection you actually clicked on moved.

Expected result

Expect all selected files to be moved.

Actual result

Only the file I right-clicked on moved.


  • Operating system: Linux

  • Obsidian version: v0.12.3

Additional information

I’ve been researching the forum, and there doesn’t seem to be a supported way to quickly organize multiple notes. I can only drag-and-drop one note at a time, and with only one file browser that’s impractical.

There seems to be confusion whether Obsidian can handle updating backlinks if files are moved outside of Obsidian (for example, with a file manager or from a shell). It’d be great if there was an FAQ answering this question. The current faq is rather spartan :slight_smile: FAQ - Obsidian