In FILE menu "create note in new tab" should be "create note to the right"

I’m having a lot of problems with tabs and tab groups (compared to using Andy’s mode)… here are some examples of problems:

  • CMD-clicking a date in my CALENDAR plugin opens the date in a new tab group instead of a new tab
  • CMD-clicking a file in my RECENT FILES plugin also opens the file in a new tab group instead of a new tab
  • FILE menu, CREATE NOTE (CMD-N) opens a new tab in the same tab group (as expected), but FILE, CREATE NOTE IN NEW TAB (CMD-SHIFT-N) actually opens the new note in a new “tab group” not a “new tab” so that menu item is labeled incorrectly
  • If I am in a current note and I right click a link, I see an option to “Open to the Right” - but this feels mis-labeled as what it actually does is open the link in a new “tab group”.
  1. We don’t take bug reports involving third party plugins.
  2. Same
  3. what is FILE menu?
  4. that’s what we decided to go for. feel free to open a feature request.

Native Obsidian file menu on Mac…

will fix 3. it should be “create note to the right”

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Thank you - you’ll fix bullets 3 & 4 right, since they are native to Obsidian?

for 4 you need to open a feature request.

will be fixed 1.0.1

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