In document backlinks block doesn't show up in empty documents

The backlinks block doesn’t show up inside empty documents.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create an empty page (by linking to it)
  • Toggle (on) backlinks in the document (at the more options menu)

Expected result

The backlinks block should appear in the document (the backlinks are shown correctly in the sidebar, see the screenshots below!)

Actual result

The block doesn’t appear until the document is empty. If you write a single character, the block shows up.


  • Operating system: Arch Linux (Wayland, Sway WM)
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian-0.12.3.AppImage


Empty document, no backlinks block:

The document is not empty, the backlinks block shows up:


Experience the same situation in windows as well.

Same here.

For me now theyre not even sticking around, not even in preview.
-turn then on on a page.
-close the page
-reoening it in preview, no backlinks

will be fixed in 0.12.6

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