In DataviewJS() how can I filter by page content in dv.pages()?

If I have a dv.pages() function like this, how can I modify it so it also filters to only pages that contain [ ] (incomplete tasks). I did some looking up but couldn’t find answers.

dv.pages("(1) Misc Notes/tasks").where(p.Completed != true && p.Status != 'Waiting' && p["Task Size"] != 'Large')

Someone showed me a code sample here to solve it, which I adapted:

let pages = dv.pages();
let rows = [];

for (let [index, p] of Object.entries(pages.values)) {
	var has_tasks = false;
	var content = await; 
	if (content.contains("behind")){

dv.table(["File"], => v) );

As stated in the documentation, where takes a function that returns a boolean value.

export interface DataArray<T> {
    /** Filter the data array down to just elements which match the given predicate. */
    where(predicate: (elem: T, index: number, arr: T[]) => boolean): DataArray<T>;

So this should work:
dv.pages("(1) Misc Notes/tasks").where(p => p.Completed != true && p.Status != 'Waiting' && p["Task Size"] != 'Large')

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But I want to see pages with a Completed: true property, but contains incomplete tasks in the note body.

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