In custom callout titles, the first letter is always uppercase, all other letters are always lowercase

Steps to reproduce

Create a callout with a custom title, e.g.

> [!abcDE Foo Bar]

Expected result

abcDE Foo Bar

Actual result

Abcde foo bar


  • Operating system: Windows 11 Professional 64 bit
  • Debug info:
    By following the mentioned steps, Obsidian does not show me any debug infos.

Additional information

The bug is reproducable e.g. in the sandbox vault of Obsidian v1.1.7.


Thanks for the repost.

This is the intended default behavior, currently. I suggest you open a FR to let this be customizable via CSS.


> [!abcDE] abcDE Foo Bar
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Thanks for the information and the suggestion.

That works, thank you!

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