Improving Mind Map

Hello, everyone, newbie talking. Guys i have been using MindMap and it is really good and easy to use. Credits to James Lynch to make the Mind Map plugin. Check it out : Mind Map Plugin

I have a suggestion to improving it. I unknown how hard it is to do this, since i am new to Obsidian and to developing but it would be awesome if you could link things back. I am posting a picture to better explain my point. But think like this: if i add a topic as ##Shopping list and a second topic under this one as ### Bank account

Then lets say i continue writing my note and i wanna add another topic as ##taxes then i add another topic ###bank account. Both topics to remind me to check my bank account and relating it to both subjects. It would be awesome if in the mindmap it could reconnect both ###bank account topics on the mindmap. Here is the picture. Leftside is Mindmap as it is. On the RIght is my suggestion.

Sorry for the poor editing i did it in a rush on powerpoint.

Thank you all for the kind attention.

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This might be tough for @J_L to implement as the plugin actually leverages another project to do the mind mapping.

Either way, though, best to put the idea on the plugin’s official GitHub repository, as the forum is not intended to help track feature requests for specific plugins.

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What you are suggesting defeats the purpose of mind maps. I do mind mapping extensively, but not in Obsidian. You would restructure the map to identify banking as the parent and shopping list and taxes as being a child of banking. You would in a sense be saying as my todo I must check my bank account and determine do I have sufficient funds to shop and pay taxes (or something like that). Move from more general to specific and not the other way around. Just a suggestion.

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Agree, this is not what mindmaps are for, IMHO. Have you tried a mermaid flowchart? Obsidian already includes these.