Improvements to backlinks

Two main requests:

(1) More automatic context shown in backlinks

Really hoping backlinks can show more context automatically, especially in light of recent developments on transclusion.[[page^block]] is so powerful, and it needs to be more accessible… or perhaps customisable (eg. being able to choose how much context to see per snippet, etc)

For example, if I typed on [[apple]]…

apple is crunchy, [[red]], and has a waxy skin.

I would love to be able to see on [[red]]:

apple is crunchy, [[red]] and has a waxy skin.

Instead of just [[apple]] which provides no context but the page title. At the moment, we can click that little arrow which provides a bit of context, which is great, but that is extra friction when we are trying to work with backlinks. It compounds when we have 50+ backlinks to a single page haha, and 50x 5 clicks would be 250 clicks just to see more context contributing to the page we are working on.

(2) Being able to see the backlinks while working in the editor.

I’m really hoping this becomes a feature when Typora comes out. There is so much value in having backlinks right there at the bottom of the editing mode. You don’t need to switch to-and-fro to see the backlinks, or look at the side panel which can be reserved for the graph view or other pages.

Benefits of this…

  • Lesser friction when working with backlinks
  • Dual modality of using the graph view for page titles, and looking at the backlinks for context
  • You don’t always need to immediately integrate information into new pages. Instead, you can always rely on seeing what you haven’t incorporated into your current page in the backlinks area while editing.
  • You don’t miss out possible connections.

What do you guys think? Graph view is superb of course, but sometimes we don’t just want to look at page titles, the context is really where the magic is!