Improved file search - go to file

Use case or problem

Using keyboard only, it’s not easy to quickly ‘jump to a note’ on a given subject by knowing its file name, header or tag.
Ctrl+Shift+F is quite basic

Proposed solution

A new function, assignable to hotkey which upon triggering allows starting typing text (expected - file names, maybe also headers and tags) and looks for files which match it - immediately displaying a list of results.
Matching should recognize words and camel humps - e.g.
I type letters o,b,f,r and that should show me files called ObsidianFeatureRequests, Obsidian Funny Rumble etc.
Hitting enter should immediately take us to first file on that list.
Hitting arrows down and up should allow to move through that list and then Enter should go to selected file.

Bonus points:)

  • allowing a pop-up preview of these notes (by a different shortcut or focusing it for x seconds)
  • allowing opening the note in new tab

See it in action in Visual Studio here

That is very addictive after you use it for a day.

Anyway - great job with Obsidian

Have you used quick open? cmd/ctrl+o by default.

Ah, it’s much better than Find!
In that case, my feature idea is only a bit of improvement over the Quick Open.

Thanks a lot!

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Just curious:
How do you create those button-like ‘things’ in your post?

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Discourse, StackExchange, and probably a few other sites on the web will add that markup to any text between <kbd></kbd> tags. I have a text expansion for 'em.