Improved Canvas Navigation Using Right Mouse Button and Wheel at The Same Time

Use case or problem

Using canvas for the first time, I quickly notice that I can’t Zoom In/Out while having Hand/Move tool activated (right mouse button). This will improve canvas navigation by only using one hand (mouse) to navigate around and see the big picture instead of having both hands (to drag/move, and zoom in/out of the canvas).

Proposed solution

Listen to mousewheel event while Move/Hand Tool (right mouse button) is active.


Had the same thought, :slight_smile:

I know you can hold space-bar then Pan & Zoom (with mouse wheel)
But seems a missed improvement to not have this functionality on the right-click button too.

I know you can hold space-bar then Pan & Zoom (with mouse wheel)

Oh that’s good to know! I think holding only space key to Pan without holding LMB is another improvements.

Now that I think about it, holding RMB + mouse wheel might a little awkward for some people. Still, would love to have at least an option to enable this behaviour.

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In a normal note mouse wheel is for scrolling up and down…

Now a Canvas where we have Pan on the Right Mouse Button already then shouldn’t the
Default be to zoom in and out That is after all what you will be mostly doing after the panning.

I know lot of people will have different opinions depending on how they use the software, but having some more control option as options in the settings will be a very good idea.

I can just imagine how much easier it will be if Zoom was on the wheel as default.

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Yes, please make this happen. Tools like Miro or Mural have already set a very intuitive usability as a quasi-standard. Switching between these tools makes canvase really hard to use

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