Improved basic automatic embeds in edit and preview modes

Use case or problem

Really reliable basic automatic embedding would change my workflow. I’m a visual artist who likes using obsidian for research and gathering inspiration. Seeing previews in edit mode would enhance my workflow.

Proposed solution

A built in automatic embedding, like almost every other note taking app out there, would change the game. I always liked how Evernote did it. However I’m not sure if this is really what Obsidian focuses on

Current workaround

I’ve been using the “Simple Embeds” plugin which can work okay. However it requires the full link/name syntax “name” often I am just copy and pasting links. It’s time consuming and impractical for me to rename and use proper syntax. Sometimes it works in preview mode without the proper syntax, but most of the time it doesn’t.
Other plugins can do similar things, but they all involve some kind of human intervention after pasting the link (highlighting the link and opening command palette etc.)

Did you look at ozntel/oz-image-in-editor-obsidian: This Obsidian plugin to view Images, Transclusions, iFrames and PDF Files within the Editor without a necessity to switch to Preview. (

In your workaround it sounds like you want web addresses to show as page previews? If so I suggest renaming the post and explaining that in the use case because an embed in Obsidian is typically a file (image, PDF, etc.). Before I read the workaround I couldn’t understand how you wanted Obsidian to behave differently when embedding files.

EDIT: Actually if web previews are what you want, there’s already a request for that:

My apologies, you are right. Its not image previews im looking for, its URL previews. I’ll check out the existing feature request

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