Improve the search in the settings to allow getting to plugin info pages

Use case or problem

Imagine your are trying to understand some behavior in Obsidian that might be related to a plugin. You open the settings panel and type in a search. It gives you a list of related settings. This is fine if I know the name/text of the setting, i.e. if I already know what I am looking for. But often, for example, where I want to go is not the settings page but the “info” page for that plugin (to look at the usage notes, for example). To do this now I have to go to community plugins, then the community plugin search (assuming I know the name of the plugin), type in the search query again, then scroll down to the plugin. UGH

Now, furthermore, in the setting list, each entry has a gear icon that goes to the setting page, and a right arrow at the far right, that I would expect would go to this info page for that plugin. But it doesn’t. It goes to the community plugins search bar, so I have to type the query in again to get to the info page. UGH.

Why doesn’t it go directly? Is this just something in my setup, or is this the general behavior?

And, even furthermore, imagine I do a search and it gives me several results. I see a couple of candidates and I click the first one to go to its settings page. But it’s not what I want, so I want to go back to the search panel. The search query term and the list of settings panels is on the left, and the settings page is on the right. But to get back to the search results I have to delete the search query and retype it again, i.e. start again from scratch. UGH.

Proposed solution

It would be nice if one could go to the info page directly from within the search results list.

And, it would be nice if one could go to the info page directly from within the settings panel for that plugin.

And it would be nice to be able to go back to the previous search results after visiting a page (without retyping a query). For example a back button.

Some search GUI’s allow placing cursor after the search query and hitting return to redo the query. That would be at least an improvement, but not really what I want. I would want to be able to go back to the previous state, i.e. scroll state, so if I was at the bottom of the list, it would return me to that point.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

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