Improve single file find (search) by adding selection, casing, whole-word, regexp

It would be nice if the local (single) file search was improved to support:

  • selection: search only in selected text
  • word case: sensitive or insensitive
  • whole word match or not
  • regexp: …

Some of these are currently covered by plugins.


@WhiteNoise, I don’t know why your change in ‘technique’ as a Mod from simply responding to posts to also suggesting feature requests, but I for one sure do appreciate it. Gives me a chance to Like the suggestion/idea and then Watch for how others respond. Keep it up.:wink:

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I’d be shocked if this wasn’t requested somewhere, but if it has been, I can’t find it.

Use case or problem

I need to search and replace on a case-sensitive basis. I need to replace “his” with “my” and “His” with “My.”

Proposed solution

Add a checkbox that allows to find & replace dialog to opt in to case-sensitive search.

Current workaround (optional)

At the moment, I search for lowercase and then manually replace when it finds the uppercase version.


I am also surprised no-one seems to miss this. I just had to fix up a note, where the character encoding has been messed up, somehow. The only way was to manually search and replace each crumbled word. However, sometimes the words are beginning a sentence and start upper case. Just to mention a use-case…