Improve my search algorithm

Hi Obs,
I am looking for smart solutions to improve my search algorithm.
I am present in several meetings every day and continuously document in Obsidian decisions made, information, progress or problems and tasks.
In later follow-up meetings, the topics are taken up again and new information emerges, which I log again.
Unfortunately, I often don’t manage to retrieve old notes quickly enough. Even if I try to add tags to the notes and try to shorten the search, I can’t think of the right tags quickly enough when I create the note.
Now to my questions.
What logic do you use when searching?
What questions do you ask yourself when creating tags?
Can you recommend any podcasts or other articles or books that specifically focus on retrieving information?

Here is my template for dailyNotes so far:

Titel : <% (${filename} ) %>
Datum: <%“DD.MM.YYYY”) %>
Ersteller: [Name]
Typ: [Standardbericht]
Tags: #<%(${filename} )%>
Prio: <% tp.system.suggester([“:fire: Prio 1”, “:warning: Prio 2”, “Prio 3”], [“:fire: Prio 1”, “Prio 2”, “Prio 3”]) %>
Teilnehmer: [Name]
Status: [#:green_square:] [#:orange_square:] [#:red_square:]

please excuse me if my question is not precise enough and if i should add further elaborations.
Thanks in advance for your help. I am overwhelmed every day by the community and their willingness to help.

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I arbitrarily create content-map style documents all the time. e.g. one of the big picture projects i’m working on (that involves a dozen small projects underneath it) and I use the admonition banners to list those encompassing topics/maps.