Improve keyboard shortcuts (side nav bars, adhere to de-facto standards)

Use case or problem

I am using more and more keyboard shortcuts on many different products. As a user I expect that the product I spend the most time in has

  1. most - if not all - functions accessible via kb shortcuts
    a) for example toggling the side nav bars should be accessible via kb shortcuts. See Reader from Readwise which has a similar UI, and side nav bars can be toggled with ‘[’ and ‘]’ keys
  2. adhere to de-facto standards, for example,
    a. many products (e.g. superhuman, reader/readwise…) display the list of keyboard shortcuts when ‘?’ is pressed

Proposed solution

See above.

Current workaround (optional)


You should be able to view and rebind all of the hotkeys if you press CTRL-, and navigate to “Hotkeys.”

In this menu, you can search for “sidebar,” and you can set the hotkey for the right and left sidebars to whatever you like.

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Thank you!
Not sure why I did not find them in the first place.

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