Improve consistancy in link following shortcuts

I find the link following shortcut differences between edit mode and preview mode confusing.

In edit mode, the shortcut to follow a link is ctrl + click, however in preview mode the same shortcut opens the link in a new pane.

I spend most my time in edit mode so I am use to the ctrl + click (follow link) and ctrl + shift + click (open link in new pane) shortcuts. Whenever I do use preview mode, navigation gets really clumsy as I often open links in new panes when I wanted to follow them. This gets even worse if I have two panes open, one in edit mode and the other in preview mode, then I have to adjust what shortcuts I use depending on what pane I am looking at.

One possible solution would be to make the ctrl + click shortcut always follow a link and the ctrl + shift + click shortcut always open in a new pane. i.e. the edit pane would stay as is but in the preview pane click or ctrl + click would follow and link and ctrl + shift + click would open in a new pane.


I might add on to that by saying it’d be nice to just be able to click a link to follow it in edit mode. Since I spend much more time editing than previewing documents, it’s an annoyance to have to use two hands to open a new link (or take time to enter preview mode first). Maybe this could be a setting?

This has been recently bugging me more and more! I’d love to get a setting to be able to make clicking consistent between modes.