Improve canvas mouse navigation (adopting CG/VFX industry standards)

Use case or problem

Mouse based navigation is hugely important in the CG/VFX industry. When put into practice, it is very intuitive and reliable. Currently Mouse navigation in Obsidian’s Canvas is limited and a bit clumsy. Perhaps we could stand on the shoulders of giants and implement a better solution.

Proposed solution

Allow for navigation to be controlled via modifiers, as is the proven standard in CG/VFX apps.

For example,

Define a modifier for Zoom.
Now holding that modifier while moving the mouse will result in a smooth in/out zoom behaviour.

Same goes for Pan - when the defined modifier is held, moving the mouse will pan the canvas around.

In Blender these modifiers default to the following:
Pan = Shift + Middle Mouse Button
Zoom = Command + Middle Mouse Button

In Cinema 4D
Pan = Option + Middle Mouse Button
Zoom = Option + Right Mouse button

In Nuke
Pan = Option + Left Mouse
Zoom = Option + Middle Mouse button

If you want to get a sense for how this feels, download PureRef, drag in some images and use the following default shortcuts
Pan = Option + Left Mouse Button
Z = Z + Left Mouse Button

Once learned, this method of navigation proves to be very snappy and dependable. One can zip around the canvas with confidence and grace.

Please do consider this, as it makes for a hugely improved user experience.

Current workaround (optional)


Have you tried holding space?

Space works for pan, but what about zoom? The only way to zoom is to use the scroll wheel.

To clarify- this proposed navigation method does not use scrolling at all. Rather it uses the movement of the mouse itself to change zoom levels

Okay, open a fr specifically for that.

New feature request here:

(with apologies, I thought this was originally posted in the Feature Requests subform, but somehow goofed)

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