Impossible to pay for Obsidian Sync plan

Things I have tried

  • I login into my account
  • I chose Sync with yearly plan
  • I clicked at Paypal

I just get this dialog:

Pay with PayPal

Thanks for supporting Obsidian!

You can pay with PayPal for Obsidian Catalyst, Obsidian Sync (yearly only), and Obsidian Publish (yearly only).

For instructions, please email [email protected]

Thanks so much for your kind support! Obsidian couldn’t have become what it is today without help from amazing people like you.

  • I also sent a mail to the support. Yet no reply.

What I’m trying to do

Any idea how to receive the sync plan with paypal?

when did you send the email?

The reply email came this morning. You pay by sending money to the support mail account of Obsidian. In the remarks field of Paypal’s sending mask you enter the plan name you want and for which Obsidian account. Some hours later the acknowledge returns with a link for further information. Follow the instructions and your vaults will sync perfectly and very quickly.

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