Importing files

I am just starting with Obsidian. I have a lot of stuff spread over a number of applications notably One Note and in word files on my hard drive.

I would like to import them into Obsidian. I guess i can cut and paste each file but I don’t have the time to do that. The other option I have read about in this forum is that you can drop a MarkDown file in the Vault folder and Obsidian is supposed to recognise it. However I have not been able to do this.

If I could find out how this works I am thinking I could run up notes in a MD application and then drop them into a vault with a Marked up link of say WIP and save it on the vault folder. Then work on them when I get back to the desktop. Given Obsidian does not have a web app as yet I though this might be one way of a workaround.

So i guess my question is can you drop a file in a vault folder and will Obsidian automatically recognise it. If so how do I go about it.


Easiest way is to use the OS to paste or move the .md file into the vault folder. That’s it.

The file does have to be in .md format though.

OneNote or Word files would have to be converted first.

Hi thanks. That helped. I got it working i was missing the .md part.