Importing a markdown with accentuated characters

Additional to English, I am using documents in languages with accentuated characters (Spanish, French). I have copied a text in markdown from a Spanish text file and pasted it into Obsidian. However, the accentuated characters are replaced by question marks. Is there a way to import such files into Obsidian without loosing the accentuated characters?
Many thanks!

Hi there! I have been copying text with accented characters into Obsidian without any problem - e.g., “¿Dónde estás?” <- I can copy and paste that into Obsidian 0.76 without any issues.

Perhaps you can provide us with some more information, so we can reproduce the problem - for example, what OS you use (Windows, Mac, Linux), what version of Obsidian you’re using, and what app you’re trying to copy from.

Thanks for the reply and apologies because actually it doesn’t happen with a copy-paste but when I drag the file from File Explorer (Windows 10) to Obsidian (v0.7.4):

The same happens if I drag the file not directly into the Obsidian application but in the Obsidian folder in File Explorer: accentuated characters are lost.

However, contrary to what I wrote in the first message, I tried a copy-paste and it worked perfectly.

Since I have many of these files, I was hoping I could just drag them all in the Obsidian folder in Windows. But if the copy-paste works better than nothing.

Thanks again

This may have something to do with the way the files were saved originally, in the original application. If the file is saved using utf-8 (Unicode) encoding, Obsidian should be fine importing it.