Importer for OneNote 2007

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Obsidian and I have a load of notes from OneNote 2007.

I know Obsidian has an Importer for OneNote but the problem is that it is made for the current version of Microsoft OneNote.
Unfortunately, MS OneNote is not even acknowledging the 2007 version of the OneNote. So, I can’t get my old notes to be opened with the current version of OneNote and uploaded to OneDrive.

Well, I’m very upset with Microsoft and, I’m not and will not ever use MS OneNote again, especially after I found Obsidian.

But, I still have my many years of academic work waiting in my computer’s folder to be transferred to Obsidian.

I will be very happy if it will ever be possible to create an importer also for this old version of OneNote. I understand it’s a bit demanding, and I have accepted to do it manually myself. But, I’m making this suggestion, in case it is not such a laborious work. Who knows, may be there are also other people who didn’t always chase after the current versions of their programs and had other life issues to attend to.

Use case or problem

I will be able to import my Academic and many other notes from a discontinued version of OneNote

Proposed solution

I have no idea about how this can be solved. I’m hoping that it may be even easier simply because one will have to deal only with the root folder .onetoc and files in .one format

Current workaround (optional)

Transfer my notes manually, including the hyperlinks, graphs etc.

Thank you for allowing me to make this request.

Disclaimer: I am not an Obsidian Guru. Can you export OneNote files from Onenote? I left Evernote and was able to export files to a folder and then used Pandoc to import files as a vault for Obsidian. I don’t recall if it was ENEX or HTML (probably the latter). There was some broken stuff and extraneous in the Obsidian vault and notes, but a lot better than having to hand copy.

Thank you for the response. :slight_smile:
I tried what you suggested. Sad conclusion: Microsoft is a virus itself !!! (sorry, if they get mad for my insult. But I’m madder !!!)
What happens is that,

  1. No way to convert a notebook to HTML
  2. No way to convert a section group to HTML
  3. It’s possible to convert section by section
    → But, here’s the catch:
    It converts to MHTML, (.mht) which is Microsoft Word MHTML
    And, yes, I with all my wishful thinking, installed the importer and prayed that it would see the files… :confused:

It can convert to MS Word too… yeey!!!
But, it is absolutely NOT keeping the links or the file structure!! The graphs and drawings are just a jumble.

At this point, it’s about a choice of whether I want to just type everthing back in or just choose to copy/paste thousands of notes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh! I forgot to mention the ads which they make sure they paste on every copy: "OneNote… your only place for all your notes !!! " :rofl: :rofl: :sob: :sob: