Imported Apple Notes unwanted duplication

What I’m trying to do

New Obsidian user, still finding my way. While using the import plugin to grab all the Apple Notes Sonoma crashed without warning. Apparently this is a known problem with Sonoma and I’ve had it happen while using a variety of programs. I followed all the suggested repair steps. Obsidian still opens without a problem, and so I went ahead with the import from Apple Notes and I now have about a thousand duplicated notes. I checked here for a way to find and delete duplicates but have had no success.

Things I have tried

I first checked to see if there was a problem with Sonoma and followed instructions. No way to know if they worked unless the system shuts down without warning.
Here I searched for ‘duplicate notes’ and ‘find duplicate notes’ and ‘compare notes’
I saw one reference to a third party app, but I’m not comfortable downloading random apps without further information.

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