Import Your Logos Library Into Obsidian


I have a huge library of books inside of a program called Logos. It is used for Bible study, theological studies, research, preaching, etc. I wanted a way to have those items tagged in my Obsidian vault so that when I go to write content, it will show up in my tags along with all of my notes from YouTube, podcasts, articles, and other books.

Logos allows you to export your library into a CSV file. Using the JSON/CSV Importer and a handlebar template, I was able to get all of my Logos resources added as notes so I can use them in my library.

Here are the high-level steps.

  1. Install the JSON/CSV Importer plugin for Obsidian
  2. Export your library from Logos
  3. Prepare your import file
  4. Create a Handlebar template in Obsidian (I have provided mine).
  5. Test Import until happy
  6. Final import

Here is the Obsidian template you will need

Author: “{{Authors}}”
Title: “{{Title}}”
ResourceType: “{{ResourceType}}”
type: Book
media: eBook
owned: Yes
location: Logos
publish: “{{PublicationDate}}”
ResourceID: “{{ResourceID}}”
Series: “{{Series}}”
Subjects: “{{Subjects}}”
status: ToRead
date_added: <%“YYYY-MM-DD”) %>
MyTags: “{{MyTags}}”
CommunityTags: “{{CommunityTags}}”
– “{{Title}}”
# {{Title}}

I’ve also written more detailed instructions on my website if you’re interested. Import Your Logos Library Into Obsidian - The Tinker Gnome (

Hopefully, someone can find this useful.

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Thank you for this! The detailed instructions on your website were very helpful.

Thanks, Ronni! Glad you were able to get something out of it. And (as is probably evident in my writeup) I went through a lot of trial and error to get it to work. So, hopefully, I can save you some time.

The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is the tag situation. I’m going to try using a spreadsheet program (I use LibreOffice), creating a new column, concatenating “My Tags”, “Community Tags”, and “Subjects” into it, and putting a hashtag at the beginning of every element somehow. Once it’s imported with tags, I’ll use Tag Wrangler to clean it up and organize it the way I want.