Import wizard/gallery of premaid vaults for obsidian to resemble other applications or fit user need

Use case or problem

I was setting my Obsidian to be a better version of my Scrivener, using templates, themes, plugins and some css.

  • Then I realize how much of that kind of work each of us have did.
    So, why not package all this customization together.

Proposed solution

So the idea is to have a built-in feature that make obsidian resemble other applications like bear, atom, scrivener, confluence, ulysses and many other.

If we have a wizard setup inside the creation of a vault flow the user could have a brand new obsidian that delivers more value, as the same application could replace many other.

Other option is to have a gallery of users vaults customization, like airtable have in Airtable Universe
That could drive a lot of new users for the community.

Current workaround (optional)

The theme + plugin + templates + css features can do it and the zipped vault will.