Import Tasks from multiple notes into a KANBAN Board

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to setup a interactive KANBAN board (with the KANBAN plugin) based on tasks (Tasks plugin) located in separate files, e.g. I have one task note where I save my general tasks and several project-related notes where I directly formulate specific tasks. I want to automatically search for tasks inside notes and add them to a KANBAN board where I can move them around as cards between boards.

Things I have tried

I am aware of the task query function from the tasks plugin. Filtering of Tasks and generating different categories of tasks is handy. However, it does not seem to be able to be combined with a KANBAN board as a task query inside a code block is not rendered inside boards of a KANBAN board (which makes sense, since moving a card between boards would need to be able to manipulate the task query somehow).

Is there a way to accomplish a KANBAN board which is built from various notes that contain tasks?


You can try to do this with using transclusions. Kanban boards are great for it. Let me give an example.

Let’s say you have two notes: taskholder-note, task-kanban

Inside your taskholder-note there are three tasks:

Your task-kanban looks like this:

Now let’s add a new card to your ‘waiting’ - list but we set up a transclusion (introduced by ‘!’:

As you can see it shows the three tasks set up in our taskholder-note. Choosing one of it makes the original task getting kind of an id (as seen in the screenshot). It is still linked to the original one - clicking ‘DONE’ will check both tasks at once.

Here you can see all our taskholder-note tasks linked inside task-kanban:

Maybe this can give you a start for any automatisms. You could try some QuickAdd - steps or Templater stuff maybe.

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