Import social media accounts into Obsidian Plugin - Twitter/Instagram/Discord etc

Hi everyone!

I am working on a plugin that imports data export archives from various services into Obsidian.

My use-case seems to be mostly as history book, where I can see what happened on specific day using linking with daily notes.

Currently I have working:

  • Import of Instagram DMs with images, videos and linking of “people” notes instead of just usernames
  • Import of Twitter DMs with images, videos and linking of “people” notes instead of just usernames
  • Import of Instagram posts

What should work soon:

  • Tweets / liked tweets
  • Discord DMs
  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook Messenger DMs

Questions that you can visualize using this plugin:

  • Who have I talked to on 2022-11-01?
  • What did I post last Christmas?
  • Which people talk to each other the most? (using graph view)

I think Obsidian serves as a great tool for this in combination with daily notes and powerful linking system. Uploading offline export archives is privacy contious and enables you customization about what to add to your archive. No tokens/secrets need to be managed by 3rd party.

Example DM:

[[Dev]] - [[2021-08-04]]<!--2021-08-18T21:03:37.410Z*--> - ❤️
	Aww that is nice!


[[Sender]] - [[YYYY-MM-DD]]<!--ISO-8601 timestamp<* if it's message from author>--> - <reactions (emojis only)>
\t<message text>
\t[link text](link url)

The plugin automatically matches senders to their respecitve Obsidian note based on config file setup by the user, to unify various usernames across all platforms.

I am currently looking for feedback about what sort of data would be most interesting to you and how to format it so it’s accessible easily using standard Obsidian workflows.



Hi Dev,

Very interested in this. I have over 10 years of Twitter data exported, and I’m looking to get it into Obsidian some how too. Happy to help test. I’ll have a think about what and ideal example tweet file might look like and get post it here.